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Why do you need to analyse your work environment?

A work environment analysis is an extremely useful practice which can lead to an increase in the motivation of the team in their work and their engagement with the company. Further benefits include:

• Solving internal problems.
• Improving employer branding to attract future candidates.
• Avoiding departures of people from the company.
• Improve the work environment.
• Increase productivity per employee.
• Save on training costs and new hires.
• Avoid work absenteeism.
• Lay the foundations of a strong human resources strategy.

How can motivation be analysed?

By asking all the people who are part of the company and with the help of an external company so as not to condition the result, you will obtain their opinion and recommendations to improve their motivation in the position and, consequently, increase productivity and involvement of the team in the company.

What can Avansel do to help you?

The first step is to getting to know each other via a videocall/remote meeting to understand what you want to achieve, where we will analyse what the present and future values you want from the company and people are.

· You will have a current picture of the level of motivation and engagement of the team.

· You will receive the opinion and recommendations of each of the people in your organization.

· It will give us a diagnosis to see what measures to implement and how.

· Heretofore unseen internal problems may come to light.

· You will have the tools for an efficient redistribution of functions and tasks throughout your team.

How do we do it?

Through a first meeting with management, we will determine which values the people that make up the company consider to be forefront at present and we will compare them with the values that they would like to incorporate in the future.
In addition, we will obtain as much information as possible from the company in order to know not only the current structure and organisation chart, but also future objectives.

We will begin by introducing ourselves and our process to your staff through a video of what this work will consist of to achieve maximum engagement on their part.
Through anonymous online questionnaires through each department, we will detect what company culture employees currently perceive and what cultural values they would like to see in the future, as well as possible existing problems, aspects that work well and those that do not.

Subsequently, individualized questionnaires will be provided to workers focused on the most interesting aspects that have emerged in the initial questionnaire with an emphasis on personal and professional aspects.
From here, we will carry out individual video interviews with all the workers to delve further into what we have learned, and thus, will have the necessary information to assess the development of each one of them in the company.

After compiling and analysing all the information obtained through the questionnaires and interviews, a series of corrective measures, changes in the organization of personnel if necessary and advice will be proposed, depending on the situation and needs of the company in order to define a new culture based on results.

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