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Why outsource the selection of personnel?

Due to our experience over several years in personnel selection for companies, we believe that there are no good or bad candidates, but people who are better suited than others to a specific position and company. The ideal candidate is the piece that fits in the “jigsaw” that is the company!

Hence the importance of having an expert recruitment and/or headhunting company at your disposal. We combine our knowledge of your company, the functions of the position to be filled and those of related positions, together with our knowledge of the labour market, to find the best candidate for you.

What makes a successful selection process?

Personnel selection is a process carried out by a company (through its human resources department or through a consultancy like us) to hire a person into its organization. It is very important to dedicate adequate time and be objective when assessing all the people who will participate in the selection process.

What can Avansel do to help you?

As an expert in personnel selection in all sectors and positions, we offer you the depth of our professional knowledge and experience to assist you in ways you would not achieve alone.

These are the benefits you can get:

  • Knowledge of the current labour market
  • National coverage throughout Ireland
  • Confidentiality
  • Objectivity and honesty
  • Convenience as well as cost and time savings
  • Assistance with onboarding
  • Our guarantee of a replacement in the unusual event that a placement does not work out.

How do we do it?

We have 3 different phases in our recruitment process:

We delve into the background and day-to-day of the company and the functions of the position to be filled. This starts with a videocall to give us an opportunity to get to know each other face-to-face. You can tell us about your business and the functions that the successful candidate will perform. From this we can design a job description as well as a profile of the desired candidate.

• Creation of a candidate profile analysing the functions and conditions of the position.
• Advertisement of the vacancy though various employment portals (IrishJobs, LinkedIn, Monster… up to a total of 16), our website and our own exclusive candidate database.
• Filtering and selection of profiles to assess.
• Interviews and competency tests (for example: languages)
• Selection of 3-4 finalists to present to your company within 15-20 days and a subsequent interview with stakeholders within the company.

Our role doesn´t just finish with the placement of the chosen candidate, we offer you our help with the onboarding and overall integration of your new staff member into your company. I
n addition, we offer a 6-month guarantee. In the unlikely event the successful candidate does not continue, by their own decision or yours, we will carry out a new and totally free selection process for the replacement of that person.

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