Human Resourcing trends for 2023

Trends in HR and the world of work have taken a huge turn since the Pandemic. The reason that trends in human resources continue to focus more and more on people is that the idea of well-being and how important people are for the company have come to the forefront in recent years and will remain that way.

This pretext is the one that has set the standard to which companies work and will continue to work. Now let’s take a look at some of the HR trends to be aware of in 2023:

Labour Welfare

We have realized that what is important within an organization are the people because without them we are unable to improve or evolveFor this reason, emotional salary measures and the concern of managers and leaders for the people who make up organizations hold more and more weight, because they know that it is their staff and their motivation that make companies great.

HR Analytics

This concern for people translates into the need to know and understand what is happening within the company. In this case, a Human Resource analysis is used to see what is happening in the organization.

This type of analysis has several objectives: getting a read on the current work environment, the motivation of the workers and checking if the functions and tasks are well distributed, among others.

Employee Experience

The employee experience is the opinion that a person has of a company from the time they are a candidate until the last day of the employment relationship. This candidate-company experience benefits us because, for example, a worker who is happy with the company can be its best promoter.

If you talk about the company in a positive way, we will be giving a good image to people who may be interesting potential clients or candidates. In the latter case, if a candidate has to decide on a company, they will obviously go for the one which has gained the best opinion of its workers.

Digital Disconnect

With the rise in the use of technology and remote work, it is very easy to fall into doing work things outside of work. Separating work life from personal life is very important for the well-being of the team.

That is why digital disconnection is so important – we must know when to enough is enough, the day is done. This is something that leaders can encourage, make their team aware that work takes up certain hours and personal life takes up so many others. Being good leaders also means knowing how to say to the team at certain times: “Your working day ends here, enjoy the rest of the day.”

Labour Flexibility

By implementing flexibility measures, such as flexitime on entry and exit, we encourage the team to feel more comfortable and that they can be the ones who decide, in part, how to organize themselves each day, reconciling personal and work life.

Being able to go to a show or being able to see family or friends by leaving earlier are small details that can make a candidate opt for one company or another.

Team Building

Team building activities are little by little becoming more present in companies. The concern for the well-being of people also includes that of the teams as a whole and the relationships between them.

To enhance and reinforce them, the team building tool is very effective. Creating situations or activities in which team members stop seeing each other as simple colleagues has a positive impact on the work environment and the attitude of the entire group. It is not that they are close friends, but that they trust their co-worker regardless of any personal relationship that is later established.

What we can make clear from these trends is that people management, or Human Resources, are gaining more and more weight in companies and concern for people is the origin. In order to motivate our team, we must know how to guide themsupport them and care about their well-being.

Human Resourcing trends for 2023
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